Musings + Affirmations: I win even in the midst of a loss


Failure is the foundation of success;

success is the lurking place of failure. 



Affirmation: I win even in the midst of a loss.

Disappointments are a normal part of life and some losses are inevitable. But, negative experiences help make the positive ones even more worthwhile. I work to turn every loss into a win. I may win something other than what I expected, but it is a win nonetheless.

I know what it feels like to lose. I admit to feeling down and disappointed when something I work hard to achieve slips out of my reach. But I also know what it feels like to win.  So I gain knowledge and new perspective from every disappointment that can help me win more often.

Whenever something works out unfavorably, I analyze the sequence of events carefully and look for likely causes of the disappointing result.

I can usually find the culprit in a weakness here or questionable or poor choice there. What I learn from doing this is both enlightening and rewarding!

Experiencing a loss makes future victories and successes all the sweeter to me. I feel more pleased when I win something after suffering a setback. I honestly believe that my losses have helped equip me to succeed, remain humble and look forward in anticipation to future victories.


Today, I vow to make the time to enjoy my rewards, even if they are something other than the hoped-for victory.


I know that there is another shining moment out there for me. And I commit to making myself ready to seize that moment when it comes.


Homework/ Journal Prompts/ Self-Reflective Questions:

1. How can I help teach others how to learn the lessons their experiences bring, even after a disappointing loss?

2. What positive attributes have I gained as a result of experiencing disappointments?

3. In what ways am I better equipped for future battles?


Have an awesome week!

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