How to Stay Mentally Healthy for Life

2462039818_7b72bcf066_mBeing mentally healthy is more than a handful.

With our shamelessly erratic lifestyles, stress is always a yes for an RSVP. Eating junk food, irregular sleeping habits and wrong attitude inevitably lead to stress.


When coping with stress is being such a problem, preventing it completely is absolutely out of question.

If that is what you are thinking, then you could be wrong.

If you’re mentally healthy stress would be scared to get you. However being mentally healthy can seem a herculean task but the fact is, it isn’t.

Here are 8 simple tips that might as well shake up your mental health for good. Very very easy!

  1. Be Active – When you’re more active, the brain tries to catch up with the body’s workrate and it starts to function faster and sharper. It’s that simple. When you’re brain is sharp, why would you be stressed in the first place?
  2. Eat Well – If you eat well, you will be able to focus better on your work and keep stress far away from you. See more here.
  3. Be Good at Work – Be polite to your fellow workers, talk gently and don’t be rude or let anger or frustration get the better of you. If you’re able to keep your negative emotions in check, you’re mentally healthy (knowingly or unknowingly!)
  4. Take a Break – Do it periodically say every 30-45 minutes maybe! Chill during the break, play with a four legged pet, listen to your favorite music or do anything that relaxes you.
  5. Be good with Family and Relatives – They are the ones who care for you the most, it is time you gave them a token of appreciation, being good and loving is enough.
  6. Accept who you are – Yes, because if you are seeing dreams that are practically impossible, then you are just letting yourself get frustrated. Accept who you are and you will work and perform better!
  7. Guide Others – If your colleagues too are facing the same problem, help them with these tips. You’ll know how good it feels when you really help someone.
  8. Ask for Help – Vice-versa, when you need help ask for it. Don’t let your ego takeover you. It will show people that you too would be ready to help!

What do you think?

It is always rumored that staying healthy is an improbable task. Very few realize that following simple tips as mentioned above can make you both physically and mentally healthy.

See, there’s no stress in there at all. It always seems so hard and yet boils down to something very simple. Follow these and let me know your opinions, lets liven up this conversation.

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