Enjoy your Work!


We can examine our past to find clues as to the work we enjoy. For example if I loved to play with Lincoln Logs as a child, I can bring that enjoyment into my current career. Some people may be saying, “Huh? How can I bring Lincoln Logs into my work?”

You’ve got to get a bit creative. What did you love about playing with the logs? Was it the fact that you got to be creative? Did you like building things and making new plans for the log arrangements? Was it that you enjoyed playing alone or with friends?

Examine what you used to enjoy and pull out the applicable pieces. Let me share some of my story to make this a bit clearer:

  • I really loved to play outside as a child. My sister and I spent hours, and I mean HOURS, playing one-on-one football in the front lawn. Who knows how we actually had a “football game” with two one player teams, but we did it! On days off from school or summer vacations, we spent a ton of time playing outside.
  • Now, does that mean I wanted to grow up and become a professional athlete? Maybe, but maybe not. I can tell you… one of my favorite jobs in high school was working in my local county park. Here and now- as a nurse- who most likely will never become a professional athlete, I can look back on my experiences and pull out from them what I can use now.
  • I loved the activity we were involved in when we played outside. I loved running around. I loved the exercise and movement. Apply this to my current experiences as an adult- I can see that I love being outdoors. I love exercising and being active. I love being part of a team project. Are you starting to get the gist of this?


So now- look to your childhood pastimes. Pull out from them the concepts, experiences, and themes that you can apply to your professional life.

Are you are imaginative? Is it that you are social? Are you structured? Is it that you are sensitive? Do you like things fast-paced? Is it that you thrive on activity? Do you enjoy being resourceful?

Examine what you used to love to do as a child and pull from these memories. As you shape your ideal career, full of passion and purpose, your work comes in alignment with your joy. You want to experience things that you love to do as the unique being that you are.

The thing that I love about being a nurse is that nursing has so many facets, so many avenues, and so many paths I can choose. I can work in education, administration, research, clinical practice, or legal. I can be employed in the hospital, in the home, in the school, or in the outpatient setting. Nursing is a diverse career that’s full of creativity, teamwork, and socialization.

No one is “stuck” where they are. Unless they believe that- (our thoughts become our reality) – what do you believe?

If you are happy with where you are at, great! You can only improve it by using this tool. If you’re not pleased with your work and are looking for a new role- I say use this technique as you start your career change.

Choose your next job based on the things that you enjoy. Do something that you love so that each and every day you are skipping to work with glee. Make your career something that you are passionate about so that it never feels a day like work again!

When your work is fun and enjoyable for you; your health can only be enhanced. Being ‘well’ doesn’t just mean that you exercise and eat healthy. Living a life of total wellness touches on all aspects of that which you partake in; ensure a healthy life by enjoying a career that is good for you.

Article source : http://amsdaily.net/2013/07/02/enjoy-your-work/


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