Positive thinking whilst at work

”What are you up to this weekend?” ”(sigh) working”. We have probably all heard this at some point during our lifetime and in reality its just a stereotypical response to the concept of working. I myself enjoy most aspects of my job role but if asked that very question I would no doubt respond with a disinterested phrase about work. If asked, many workers would indeed admit that they enjoy work, its just that there are a number of activities that they would prefer to be doing.

However if you are becoming less and What-to-do-when-youre-unhappy-at-workess motivated or positive about your job there are a number of things that you can do which should hopefully encourage you to once again become more positive about work.

Have a Goal.

A goal will give you something to work towards but do not chose something generic like I want to get paid more. If you enjoy going on holiday have a goal which involves going abroad, It should encourage you to work that little harder and potentially earn a little more in the form of a bonus. Have multiple goals within your working environment and be sure to make them challenging but obtainable, it sounds cheesy but when you reach a goal be sure to reward yourself.

Change things up.

I remember watching a short video regarding workers at a fish market, obviously many people would hate the idea of selling fish all day but these workers enjoyed themselves at work and looked forward to a day on the job. What they had done is to turn a mundane job into something fun, achieving this in a number of ways. They implemented a system in which they interacted with staff and members of the public on a regular basis with the intention of bringing a smile to the recipients face. Generally knowing that you have made someone smile will improve your attitude. They also incorporated several games which were intended to ‘put on a show’ the atmosphere around this particular market stall is so positive that office workers regularly visit the stall just to watch the shows and frolics that are still going on to this day.

Decide your attitude for the day.

This sounds strange but upon waking up in the morning decide how you are going to compose yourself for the day. It is understandable that not everyone can be happy every single day of the week but if you wake up with the mentality that you are going to be jolly for the entire day the chances are, its going to happen. Don’t forget that your mood can dictate how other people feel, on numerous occasions I have bear witness to one staff member changing the mood of an entire office department. I have also noticed that the more influential members of the workforce such as managers or generally ‘louder’ members of staff have a much greater impact on the mentality of the workplace. The terminology ‘smiles are infectious’ does have some clarity as regularly smiling at your co-workers can soon bring office wide smiles.

Author Bio; Adam Howard – Atrium Legal
Atrium run a blog that gives advice and info to help workers protect their health in their job. They also give legal assistance when people’s employers fail to preserve their health and well being. This includes helping them make work claims for compensation for any injury or illness they may have suffered from.


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